From over four decades, IOLI Jewels has been established as a luxury brand of exquisite handcrafted costume jewelry. We have produced a number of everlasting designs for women who treasure true opulence.
Ioli has embarked a new era of costume jewellery by delineating 5000+ exclusive designs with meticulously crafted precious and semi precious stones. Our Intricate collection represents the journey through heritage, traditions and culture.

Mostly chosen for its modern craftsmanship, today Ioli is seen as a factual elegance transmitter that understands the tastes and the trends of the times. Personalization of the jewelry as per the costumer requirement makes us idiosyncratically incredible. We have unpinned tradition and technology with creativity and trust to produce magnificent jewellery without forfeiting cost and quality concerns.
We feel honoured to share that we are a “Small Scale Industry (SSI)” registered firm, also working upon “non disclosure agreement” (NDA) with our designers and clients . Delighted to be the jeweller of choice for sagacious shoppers, we take vow to uphold the same tremendously extraordinary ethics which set us apart from others in the industry.
Our vision: Ioli jewels strives to lead in skylines no other player has ever squeezed through. We look forward to make your shopping experience as mesmerizing as our jewellery.

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