Privacy and Security Policy

The privacy policies of this website is mainly focussed on the user data we receive. We guarantee and promise to the users that their data would neither be misconducted nor mishandled as the user information data is our responsibility. We would never break the trust and faith of our customers by using their personal information like email, name, contact number,etc for any monetary purpose or anything likewise. User data will be collected and stored only when the user registers/logs in otherwise just browsing and surfing the website won't gather any data.

Data Collection

Whenever the user will place an order, various data would be requested by us upon which the further process of ordering your desired product would be commenced. Data may vary upon the request and could even ask your confidential data(for accessing payment gateways) too but we ensure to provide the best security to your data and never misuse it.
We may pass your details to the third-party for processing the order but we make sure that the third-party follows the security policy and would never use your data out of the policy. We may use your details to keep you updated with the our latest collections and updates which concern us.
Your data which would be stored is a boon to us which we ensure to protect via physical and technical security ways.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer which is activated whenever you login or place an order to identify you as the unique user. Just browsing over the website will not activate or generate any cookies.

Security Measures

We have promised you to store your information, for this we have taken all the necessary technical measures like firewalls and encryption, implementing SSL coding and installing electrical safeguards.
Note: You will be responsible for any activities that take place physically on your device like unauthorized access of your system or credentials.


When you are submitting your data to us, you allow us to use and process it as mentioned in the privacy policy.


These privacy policies are bound under our exclusiveness and any kind of interference and infringement could lead to legal matters.
Note: Our policy is liable to change over time so it is a request to visit these policies whenever you think of purchasing or making an order.

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